What we can do if we are feeling fear

When I took this photo a couple of days ago, I didn’t see the “Angel of Mercy” until after I downloaded it to my computer.

Even if we don’t see them, we are surrounded by angels and beings of light.

In this time of change, we know WE ARE ONE with ALL that is. We allow ourself to go with the flow. Love is as close as our breath. If we feel ourself being fearful, we remember to INHALE with this knowingness (LOVE is here NOW), and then we allow ourself to come back to center releasing the fear with our EXHALE. (This is the simplest form of Spiritual Alignment I know.)

If we aren’t able to release the fear with our breath, then we can use EFT to tap away any resistance.

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  1. Hey There Joann,
    Thanks, on a related note, You become what you think about is one of life’s fundamental truths. If we want to be a brain surgeon, we will need to think a lot about brain surgery. If we want to perform at Carnegie Hall we will have to think a lot about music.

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