Using EFT for Balanced Eating

We are entering the National Eating Season, which goes from Halloween until Super Bowl Sunday in late January or early February. My article, Using EFT for Balanced Eating, is in the Conscious Inspired Living’s October online magazine. In the article, I give examples of how you can use EFT to avoid binge eating during the holidays.

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6 Responses to Using EFT for Balanced Eating

  1. Hey There Joann,
    I take your point, Are you eating twice as much as you require? I want to start off with a quote from Benjamin Franklin. He said, “In general, mankind, since the improvement of cookery, eats twice as much as nature requires.” This quote says it all. We eat too much as a society and as a result our society is destined to be overweight.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

    • joann says:

      Anita, thank you for your comment. I used to eat way too much, until I got in touch with the root of stuffing myself. I had done it all of my life. After looking at pictures of myself as a baby and noticing that I went from being underweight at birth, to really chubby in just 3 months. My mother had me on a schedule, and I wasn’t getting fed enough. So, I felt like I was starving, and when I got my bottle I would drink it down as fast as I could, and my mom would give me another bottle because I was still hungry. That was my habit. I used EFT to clear it. The emotion that was under it all was that I felt safe when I was stuffed.

  2. Hey Joann,
    I take your point, Are you familiar with the concept of Intuitive Eating? It’s an approach to healthy eating that is the opposite of “dieting.” Intuitive Eating is based on the idea that the best way to achieve a healthy weight is to connect with your body’s natural hunger signals and respond to them accordingly.
    Kindest Regards

  3. claire says:

    Joann, I would love to read your article on balanced eating but the link is no longer active. Is there another way to access this? Thank you. I love your website!

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