Try It WITH Everything

EFT goes with everything.

My daughter, Christina, is less than a year away from completing her studies to become a licensed acupuncturist. While we were talking on the phone recently, she mentioned that she had an EFT story to share.

One of her fellow coworkers had a fear of needles. “Rosie” was uncomfortable being needled. It turns out that Belonephobia, or fear of needles, isn’t rare. About 10% of people experience it. (How much do you like being needled?)

Rosie was advised to see an acupuncture teacher who also uses (and teaches) EFT. Rosie was happy to give EFT a try. After just one session, Rosie was excited to say that she no longer feared needles. She was surprised that she was able to let go of her intense fear of needles so quickly, as she’d terrified of needles her whole life.

Christina said that she plans on using EFT with her clients to help them let go of their fear of needles (or whatever fears and anxieties they bring into the clinic). EFT is compatible with acupuncture as well as other healing modalities including Reiki, NLP, massage, chiropractic care and many, many more. Gary Craig said about EFT, try it on everything. Added to that phrase should be try it with everything.

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