Here are a few people who have seen improvements in targeted areas with the use of EFT and JoAnn’s services.

If you have a story of how JoAnn and EFT has helped you, please add your comments.

  • Healing Energy Comes Through on the Phone

  • Enjoyed being in you energy yesterday. You are a wonderful healer. As we were working, I wrote, “She’s great.” It just felt good hearing your voice and being in your energy. Interesting how it comes through, on the phone.
    Love, Barb

    -Barbara Herzberg, Riverside, California

  • Healing Gift

  • A friend recommended JoAnn at a time when I was stuck in my healing from ME/CFIDS. During our first EFT session, old grief began to loosen in such an effortlessly way it took my mind a while to accept it. It was clear EFT was powerful, but more than that I could see JoAnn has a healing gift. Our next sessions evolved into both emotional and spiritual counseling and I was lightning-love struck by JoAnn’s compassion and insight. She is now of the precious few stars in my healing constellation.

    -Patrick Kelly, Brooklyn New York

  • Valuable Weight Loss Class

  • The methods that were taught in The I Love My Body Class were valuable, easy to do and easily adapted for situations other than weight loss. JoAnn’s wonderful and very intuitive!

    –Jackie B., Mendocino, CA.

  • Writer’s Block Blasted

  • Thank you so much, JoAnn for the wonderful coaching. I needed a reminder of the fact that I am a “Shero”. Prior to coaching with you, I was struggling with comparing myself to many of my contemporaries. That can be a real no win situation. I realized that I am truly unique, not only in my approach, also in my gifts. Thank you for helping me to honor those gifts and realize that I am a great writer with a powerful message that will empower women to love their bodies now, changing millions of lives for the better. Soon after we spoke, I started writing again and haven’t stopped. My first book baby will be born very soon with much thanks to you. You definitely helped me loosen something up inside.

    -Andrea Amador, CEC, M.NLP, Body Image and Self Esteem Expert

  • Feel a Million Times Better

  • Thank you so much for the session. It made all the difference in the world to me. The pain I would call sphincter of Oddi pain is completely gone. And I truly believe that the fear was causing it.

    And my periods are still great! I see the end of the tunnel on so many of these issues now. I feel a million times better.

    -Beth Hodge

  • Insightful and Intuitive

  • I had a session with JoAnn during an EFT workshop when a major issue came up for me. I found her work to be very insightful, intuitive, and powerful, and would highly recommend her to any of my friends or patients.

    -Eric B. Robins, MD
    Board Certified Urology
    Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
    EFT Advisory Board Member
    Co-author, Your Hands Can Heal You
    Contributing author, The Heart of Healing

  • Funny and Deeply Compassionate

  • As a teacher of EFT Practitioners, and Chinese medical doctor with a thriving practice, I am very particular about who I go to when I would like an EFT session. I recently had a session with JoAnn SkyWatcher and I enthusiastically recommend her as a wonderfully, intuitive and gifted healer. JoAnn is funny, earthy, wise, kind, and deeply compassionate.

    -Zoe Walton

  • Quick Recovery from Car Accident

  • JoAnn has a sure, grounded presence that allowed me to easily move through several layers of body pain and fear. I deeply appreciate her work.

    -Colleen Thomas

  • Easier Childbirth

  • Working with JoAnn and EFT helped me to not be afraid of the pain of child birth and helped me embrace the process of birth. It cleared the trauma of my own birth so that I didn’t carry that trauma to the birthing of my daughter.

    -Shelley McCoy

  • Instant Relief to Shoulder

  • JoAnn, thank you so much for the work you have done on healing my shoulder. As you know, I have suffered for several years and people said it was “old age” (I am 51). Your use of EFT brought instant relief, and the simple processes you showed me worked to finish the job. I am back to lifting weights without any problem.

    -Scott R. (this testimonial came seven months after the EFT session.)

  • Student Feels Refreshed

  • Ms. SkyWatcher did EFT on me. It really did help me. I felt more motivated and more positive. It made me feel refreshed. I would recommend other people to try it. No matter what it&s a nice refreshed positive feeling.

    -Student, June, 2006

  • Mouth Condition Improved

  • While visiting JoAnn SkyWatcher in Northern California, I mentioned that I was suffering from a burning, dry mouth. After only 20 minutes in the back seat of a car my friend, JoAnn, taught me a few tools from EFT which promoted my saliva to flow thus bathing the inside of my mouth. My pain level went from seven to five to two.
    I was then, and continue to be, grateful for having EFT tools at my fingertips. My condition has greatly improved. By teaching me EFT, JoAnn has given me access to my own healing.

    -Barbara Hoag, Laguna Beach, CA

  • Shoulder Pain, Disappeared

  • Although I could not connect my severe and constant shoulder pain to a specific injury, it had been bothering me for six months. As a professional jeweler, I had relied on lap swimming to maintain a healthy body, but it had become too painful to swim. Both my work and sleep were being negatively affected. After one EFT session with JoAnn SkyWatcher, my shoulder pain completely disappeared and has not returned for seven months. Without drugs, surgery, or physical therapy, the pain is gone. Work, play, and sleep have been harmoniously restored.

    -Eileen Peterson, M.A.

  • Confidence to Make Cold Call

  • I’ve been in sales for 25 years and even though I’ve done well, I still had fear of rejection when faced with making “cold calls”. JoAnn introduced me to the EFT Technique. We used the phrase “Even though I have fear about being rejected, I still love and accept myself completely”. I tapped before making a call to a client I hadn’t spoken to in years. It gave me the confidence to pick up the phone and actually dial their #. As it turned out, the person who answered referred me to a new Manager who was extremely friendly. We hit it off, and now they are referring business to me.
    I am extremely grateful for this technique, it has made a real difference, and I have measurable results. Thanks JoAnn!

    – B. R., Marin, CA.

  • Free of Chronic Low Back Pain

  • Dear JoAnn,
    On April 19, 2006 you did a demonstration of EFT for our church group in Mendocino. I participated in the demonstration of the technique and since that night have been free of a chronic low back pain that I had experienced for decades. Your method really worked for me. You also taught us how to apply the technique for ourselves and I have since used EFT on a regular basis for other challenges both physical and mental. You are an excellent teacher and practitioner of the art of EFT. Thank you for your presence and practice in our our lives.

    – Eileen Broderick

  • Obsessive Compulsive Behavior Lessens in One Session

  • During my session with JoAnn, I clearly started at a level 10 with anger / irritation ironically because of the noisy neighbor upstairs who was doing her daily obsessive-compulsive cleaning routine – banging, thumping and dropping of things – all morning long and of course during our session! Shortly into it, JoAnn discussed my little girl and the tears began pouring down my face without warning.
    By the end of the session I found that my Level 10 frustration had gone down by degrees and finally ended up at about 0.5! I was thrilled and so much more peaceful than I have been in a while. Additionally, I’ve previously had a lot of challenges with hoarseness in my voice, although with other work I’ve been doing on myself to clear out, I noticed that about halfway through the session that my voice had gone up slightly in pitch. It felt lighter and free! I was beside myself with excitement. This session was very beneficial and the process is so effective.

    -Kara Lyn Roundy

  • Appreciation of Guidance and the Creative Process

  • Hi JoAnn,
    Thanks for the appreciation of my site. I love the work I do with mothers. It’s really wonderful to support them as they support their children — and of course I benefit as well.
    I appreciate your request for feedback — that’s such an important part of learning …
    My experience of you was that you were very present and flexible. By flexible I mean that you were okay with when I changed the direction or slant. You also worked well with when I changed the wording — it truly felt like a mutually respectful process. I appreciated the secondary benefit questions — that was focusing for me. I also appreciated your direction when you offered it. I really felt I could trust you and relax in your leadership. Your energy was very clear to me as being helpful and attentive. You were perfect for my issue! Many thanks.

    -Deborah Donndelinger

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