Teleclass Waiver

A teleclass is an opportunity for several of us (from a few to many) to gather and tap together on one telephone line.

When you register you will be given the phone number to call and a pin number that is your entry into the class. When you call in at the time of the class, you will be asked to enter your pin number. That’s all there is to it!

For a tapping subject we choose a challenge that many people face. While I work with volunteers, you tap along, holding your own variation on the theme in your mind. We use what Gary Craig calls Borrowing Benefits. Even if you just repeat the same words that the volunteer and I are saying, you will get results for yourself, sometimes profound results. This is a real illustration that we are all interconnected. What benefits one of us benefits all of us.

Depending on the structure of the tele-class, I can set it up so that you can all hear each other, or only the person that I am tapping with at the moment.

Teleclasses can be a great resource for healing, and EFT works wonderfully well in this context.

Please respect these teleclass rules of etiquette to ensure a high quality call.

If possible please DISABLE CALL WAITING before calling into the conference. Usually this code is *70 (that is “star-7-0”). However, it’s best to check with your telephone company provider or cell phone company.

Use a headset if possible since we will be working with both hands, tapping, during most calls.

Speaker phones are not recommended since they pick all background noise, disrupting the call for others. Please do not use cell phones, if possible. They can affect the sound quality for everyone.

Introduce yourself by name and location when you enter the call.

USE YOUR MUTE BUTTON on your headset or phone to prevent other callers from hearing background noise in your home or office. If you do not have a mute button the tele-class leader will give everyone a code to use.

If the call is not muted by you or the instructor please turn the mouthpiece or microphone away from your mouth so you will NOT BE BREATHING INTO THE MICROPHONE. Otherwise will all hear you!

If you are using a cordless phone, PLEASE STAY CLOSE TO YOUR BASE UNIT or the static will ruin the call for everyone.

DO NOT PUT THE CALL ON HOLD – noise and music from your company can flood the call.

If you have a question, please hold it until questions are asked for or until there is a break in the conversation. Please do not interrupt the speakers while they are talking for questions or comments.

Thank you for observing these guidelines so you and everyone else can participate and learn as much as possible from the teleclasses!

I understand that EFT is an experimental therapy and is not meant to replace standard medical and/or mental health counseling. While there have been no documented negative side effects from using EFT when the proper treatment protocols have been followed, this does NOT a guarantee that I will not experience side effects. I understand, however, that known positive side-effects include, relaxation, peace of mind, an optimistic outlook, and more joy in life.

By signing up for these teleclasses, and by using these techniques on myself or others, I agree to take full responsibility for my own well-being and will advise my clients or other EFT subjects to do the same.

I agree to take full responsibility for my own well-being.

I agree to hold harmless JoAnn SkyWatcher, the teleclass leader, or any guest on the call, liable for any side effects or results of the treatment.

I agree to keep the tele-class bridge line number confidential.

I agree not to record the call.

Please understand that WayHealthy may record teleclasses. By participating in WayHealthy teleclasses, you agree to and give permission WayHealthy, and its principals, employees, agents and contractors, to record the tele-classes and use the recordings in any manner whatsoever. Please also understand that selected recordings or portions of recordings that you have participated in may be made available for commercial distribution and that this is acceptable to you. You understand that your name will not be used on any packaging, but that, of course, your voice and perhaps your name will be heard by those listening to the recording or any media based on the recording. (You may introduce yourself with a nickname instead of your real name if you prefer). Said permission shall also include the unlimited and exclusive rights to own, exhibit and utilize any and all such recordings in perpetuity.

If you have questions, please contact:

JoAnn SkyWatcher,

By signing up for this Teleclass, you represent that you have read, fully understood and agreed with all terms of this waiver.

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