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My book, Touched by a Miracle: EFT Healing Stories, is available on Amazon. It is a collection of 50 of my favorite healing stories using the power of EFT and Spirit.

Here is what some people have said about Touched by a Miracle:

Great reading for anyone who wants a simple way to feel better now! I’ll be sharing this book with my family and friends.

~Eleanore Duyndam, Founder of EFT Radio Online


This book opens the doorway to miracles by showing us real examples of what’s possible with the skillful use of EFT. JoAnn Skywatcher is both a master practitioner and a great storyteller.

~Paul Zelizer, EFT Practitioner and Success Coach


I thought this was a very warm, personal, and thoroughly enjoyable book. I hadn’t thought of tapping as creating miracles, but as I read JoAnn’s heart-warming, back-to-back stories, the results do seem miraculous. What is so remarkable about tapping is that we can create our own miracles every day. “Touched by a Miracle” is a treasure.

~Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master


JoAnn has penned an absolutely fabulous book on how to do the ART of EFT, written in plain English. It will take your practice to the next level.

~Eric B. Robins, MD
EFT Advisory Board Member
Co-author, Your Hands Can Heal You


This delightful collection of stories will inspire you to believe that miracles are possible. In a simple, direct style, ‘Touched by a Miracle’ speaks to the wonderful possibilities inherent in EFT, in our ability to heal ourselves and heal the world.

~Pamela Bruner, EFT Expert
Author, EFT and Beyond


JoAnn Skywatcher enriches us all with these clear, precise and profound examples of the effect of using the simple yet elegant tool of EFT in reclaiming our birthright of self-empowerment.
~Angela Treat Lyon

the Live Artfully Coach


“Touched by a Miracle” will give tremendous hope and relief to so many. Kudo’s for JoAnn for putting into words the healing that takes effect through EFT. This book is alive with personal stories that everyone can identify with while teaching us how we can transform our lives in an instant. This is exactly what the world is waiting for!

~Jewels Johnson
Creator, Law of Attraction Radio Network


JoAnn’s book is a graceful journey through the art of sharing how to do EFT combined with vignettes of the beautiful healing many have gained through her skill. Story telling is an ancient art that has been used for centuries as a playful way to share knowledge. JoAnn does this superbly. Yet the marvel is that her examples are of real people whose lives she has dramatically improved. The book makes for a life affirming read.

~Sejual Shah
Stress Resolution Specialist, http://www.Healthy in


I appreciate the candor, compassion and warmth that radiates from these pages. It is obvious that you are a passionate practitioner “doing her own work” and thus creating the safety and space for miracles to happen with your clients. Thank you for communicating so clearly your compassion and heartfelt joy. Reading your words strengthens my trust that miracles are alive in our world – and for that I am truly grateful.

~Jade Barbee,


This book will give you a very good idea of exactly what EFT can do for you and others. With a little familiarity with the technique, it soon becomes obvious why EFT is so effective. This book will give you an opportunity to see what it can do even if you haven’t had the chance to experience the real thing yet. I highly recommend you check this out.

~Reverend Tanya Wyldflower


JoAnn brilliantly takes us on a journey that introduces the healing modality, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), that literally “taps” into the wisdom designed into the miraculous capacity of our body to heal itself.

~Belvie Rooks, Growing Global a Heart


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Being an EFT Practitioner and Trainer I am constantly amazed at the effectiveness and power of this humble little tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques.

JoAnn SkyWatcher’s book “Touched by a Miracle” inspires and educates readers on the use of EFT in people’s lives. JoAnn does a beautiful job of weaving stories, accounts, and cases from people of all walks of life who have been touched and transformed by this energy psychology technique.

I highly recommend this book. It spoke both to the newcomer of tapping as well as the seasoned practitioners. If you’re new to EFT and want to learn more pick up this book. And if you’ve been tapping for some time and want an extra dose of inspiration this book is a must-read.

~AnaMaria Herrera
EFT Practitioner and Trainer


If you’ve ever thought about trying EFT, or wondered if it would work for you, then this book is for you! Reading the inspirational experiences of JoAnn’s many clients will give you the confidence to take action and give it a try!

From aches and pains to chronic conditions, from irritating relationships to the deep and profound loss of loved ones, JoAnn has used EFT to help her clients release themselves from the bonds of physical and psychic pain, to heal their hearts and “realign with their Essence”. She has an intuitive gift for getting to the core issues for her clients and bringing them to light. Truly a miracle!

JoAnn includes charts, processes, and tools to get you started in using EFT yourself. Her calm and easy manner of being present with you comes through in each story. You will feel yourself being drawn in to the process, almost as if you are there with JoAnn and her client. You may find you want to tap along!

I encourage you to get to know JoAnn better and learn more about the miracles that are possible with EFT through this divine book! Sometimes life just gets out of balance. EFT, combined with spiritual awareness, can provide you a powerful way back to alignment and wholeness.

~Paula Tarrant
Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Transformation Expert


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