Introduction to JoAnn and EFT

joann Interested in losing weight? Have you been eating too much lately and haven’t been able to do anything about it? If so, I can help. I have lost 30 pounds and kept it off for over a year without dieting. How have I done it? Using a process called EFT.

When you release the core emotional issues that are causing overeating, then losing weight and keeping it off is easy. I am really good at helping people find the emotional cause of overeating by asking the right questions and trusting my intuition.

I’ve created the I Love My Body Club on Facebook to create a community for people who would like to love their body more. Join the I Love My Body Club on Facebook now.

Learn about JoAnn’s successes with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) by reading her articles published on Gary Craig’s website.

This collection of stories include using EFT for extreme pain from an abscessed tooth, hornet sting, prostate and urinary pain. There is a story about improving a hand washing compulsion, one about improving a young man’s batting average, and using EFT for exercise motivation.

If you are not familiar with the healing power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), watch this exciting 7 minute video.

You can download Gary Craig’s FREE EFT Manual by clicking here: It gives you all the EFT tapping points and basic procedures so you can start using EFT immediately.

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2 Responses to Introduction to JoAnn and EFT

  1. Tapping says:

    Ola! Joann,
    Thanks for that, There are often cases when using Energy Therapies like EFT, where a person is focusing on one issue and then another added benefit shows up later. You just don’t know how the issues and emotional aspects are layered in your energy system. So even though you may not consciously think you have an issue in one area, you might find out later that by tapping on that issue anyway, say in a tapping group or meridian tapping workshop setting around a general shared topic, you might benefit in very dramatic ways.
    BTW great blogpost

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