EFT Helps Relieve Emphysema Symptoms

Too many years smoking may result in inhaling oxygen from a tank.

A little over a month ago, I did some tapping with 76 year old “Charles.”. He looked pretty good for his age, though he had smoked for over 50 years, and he had emphysema. He said that he had tried to quit smoking over 40 times, and finally was able to when he went into a program for quitting smoking through Dominican.

They say to try EFT on everything. I asked Charles if he would like to try something that might make his symptoms better, and after he agreed we gave it a try.

Charles is quite a story teller, and so most of the time we spent together he told me his story. He had smoked for decades, until his increasing shortness of breath became impossible to ignore. He did a thorough job of informing me about his disease called COPD, Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease.

I showed Charles the basics about using EFT. We did a couple of rounds of tapping. We walked down a flight of stairs, and then we walked back up. I think I walked too fast up the steps for Charles, because the next thing I knew he went onto my deck and bent over catching his breath. Then he left. He said he had to get to his next appointment—he’s a salesman.

I felt terrible. As far as I was concerned, we hadn’t finished our appointment. I think he got scared or embarrassed, and decided to leave. I knew that he had an appointment, but his departure felt so abrupt to me.

A month later, I walk into our home, and there is Charles sitting on our couch talking with my husband. He was wearing an oxygen mask and smiling at me. Charles proceeded to tell me how much he appreciated what I had taught him. He said that it was really helping. He said that it was easier to cough up phlegm. He also said that his recovery time from coughing spells was faster than before our EFT session.

So, I guess the moral of the story is really to try EFT on everything and then to trust the process. It may help someone, even if it didn’t seem as though it had at the time.

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2 Responses to EFT Helps Relieve Emphysema Symptoms

  1. Nicol Worthy says:

    Emphysema also slowly destroys the elastic fibers that hold open the small airways leading to the air sacs. This allows these airways to collapse when you breathe out, so the air in your lungs can’t escape. Treatment may slow the progression of emphysema, but it can’t reverse the damage. “`..

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    • joann says:

      Hi Nicol, thank you for your comment. Even if the damage can’t be reversed, EFT can help alleviate the symptoms. Whenever I come upon a situation like I did with this man who has a disease that is “incurable”, I try to let go of my beliefs and just tap with them. Like I described in the article, it made him feel better. So, my point is, to try EFT on everything.

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