EFT for Hunger Games

Have you ever found your self enthralled by an intense movie thriller, only to become so drenched with adrenaline that you started shaking? Instead of walking (or running screaming) out of the theater, try what I did and learn how you can stay through movies as wild as The Hunger Games.

Recently my husband and I went to see The Hunger Games. Being one of the few people on Earth who hadn’t read the books, I was unprepared for the dark tone of the story, only enhanced by the incredibly detailed and realistic special effects. After finding my fingernails buried deep in my husband’s arm (just kidding … they weren’t buried thatdeeply) I found a way to make it easier for me to be in the theater.

First, I rubbed my fingertips into the karate chop point on the side of my hand. As I was kneading the karate chop point I said to myself, Even though this seems like real life, I know that it is a movie, and I love and accept myself. Even though this movie seems almost as real as life, it is only a movie, and I accept myself. Even though my adrenaline is pumping really hard, this is only a movie, and I accept myself.

Anytime during the movie I started feel so anxious that I thought I might explode, I remembered to rub the karate chop point and remind myself that it was only a movie, and it was ok that I was feeling scared.

So, you can use this for any movie (or anything else, from sitting in the dentist’s chair to taking an exam) in which you are feeling scared. Tap or rub the karate chop point on the side of your hand, and say:

Even though I’m feeling (scared, anxious, terrified (or whatever you are feeling) I’m OK.

Repeat the rubbing and owning your feelings three times or so or for around 30 seconds.

You can repeat it anytime you need to.

After the movie, if you are still feeling agitated, you can do more tapping.

Start off by assessing the intensity of your emotions, with 10 being the highest, and 0 the lowest. You would start with the same (or similar) set-up phrase:

Even though I’m feeling (scared, anxious, terrified — or whatever you are feeling — I’m OK. Repeat the rubbing and owning your feelings three times or so or for around 30 seconds.

Next, narrate what is bothering you while tapping on your body points. Here’s a link to the tapping points I like to use.

I usually start inside the eyebrow and say what I’m feeling. It could be something like:

  • I get really excited at a suspenseful movie like this.
  • The tension was so thick, it was hard to breathe.
  • It felt so real.
  • I didn’t feel comfortable with _____________.
  • Part of me felt like getting up and leaving…
  • But I was caught up in the drama.
  • It is a movie.
  • It is not real.
  • I enjoyed certain parts of the movie more than others.
  • I release the parts that I don’t want to carry around in my mind and body
  • I easily let it go.
  • No I don’t.
  • I choose to let go of any parts of the movie that were really scary.
  • I choose to remember the parts I liked and let the other images go.
  • I am free.
  • I feel relaxed.
  • I am safe.

This a script you can adjust to suit your situation.

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